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*Picture of me at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comicon, May 2012.* 

 Photo by Bradley Lowry

As a little girl I was in love with all things Disney- Sleeping Beauty was, and still is, my all -time favorite. I was always drawing princesses, and eventually dragons and other mythical beasts. I was also introduced to Wonder Woman as a toddler, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

The galleries in the links above show the work I am most excited to share with you- everything from Mythology to Fairy Stories, Popular Characters such as Wonder Woman, and other fantastic things that inspire me to create.

 I began painting in 2000, and have developed what I hope to be my own unique style. I've had my work compared to Cicely Mary Barker, the Flower Fairies artist of the 1920's-- which I find extremely flattering! I hope one day I can live up to the honor.

My work is mainly Fluid Acrylics on 300 lb hot press watercolor paper. Fluid Acrylics are a great medium- a happy medium between watercolor, with the lovely 'wash' effect, and the bold, layering abilities of acrylics. I love the 300lb hot press paper because I don't have to stretch it. Who has time for that?!?! Not this girl.

I'm a Quad Cities native, and lived in Davenport for the first 20 years of my life, then moved across the Great Mississippi to Rock Island in 2000. I received my BA in Studio Art from Augustana College in 2003, and my Graphic Design Credentials from Black Hawk College in Moline in 2009. I currently attend BHC to brush up on my graphic design skills, because I am NEVER done learning.

I'll often sell my work at fairs and festivals in the area, as well as the region and have even gone so far as Philadelphia to share my work with new fans and friends. 



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