Fairies and Fairy Tales

Fairies, good and bad, heroes and villains from beloved and not-so-well-known stories of old.

Creatures of Myth

One person's mythology was once (and even nowadays) someone's religion. This gallery is a tribute to deities, demi-gods and goddesses, dragons, unicorns and other fantastical beasts from around the world.


Comic book art and characters from stories of the last few hundred years are the creations that dominate this section.

A note from the Artist...


The first movie I remember watching was a re-release of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" in the theater with my mom and dad. I was just 3 years old but immediately hooked. I wanted to be Princess Aurora, and though terrified of Maleficent, I was also intensely drawn to her. I've forever remained a huge fan of Disney and also at age 3 (quite the year for falling in love with what would serve to be my artistic direction!) I also became enchanted with Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman and have never looked back! I was introduced to 'ElfQuest' when I was 7 years old, and Wendy and Richard Pini became unwitting heroes for me- Wendy's use of line art, the beauty that flowed (and still flows!) from her fingertips was a major inspiration to me and the direction I took with creating the work I do. I love her husband Richard's storytelling, and I believe that is what inspired me to create a story or background on every painting or drawing I create and show here on my website.
I've been told that my fairy art is reminiscent of the famed Flower Fairies artist Cicely Mary Barker. I am humbled and honored for the comparison.

I primarily use fluid acrylics on 300lb hot press watercolor paper to create my works. On occasion I'll create black and white works, usually on 'regular' art paper or illustration board. I do so love the use of color, though, so most of what you'll see here will be my painted works.

I hope when looking around my site you are also inspired to create. I think that as artists and human beings we need that connection to something outside of ourselves to be able to delve more into ourselves and find out how we want to leave our mark on the world, no matter how big or small.